How To Make Spirulina And Chlorella Taste Better?

When it comes to “super foods” none is as potent as Spirulina and Chlorella. Both offer immense benefits to one’s health. Chlorella is a powerful antioxidant containing up to 10 times more chlorophyll than any other plant life. Spirulina on the other hand is extremely rich in plant-based protein which is easier to digest than Read More

Natural deodorant guide

Why Bother With A Natural Home-Made Deodorant?

There are merits to taking the time to learn how to create and use a natural deodorant. You’ll find that there are various recipes on how to go about it but what isn’t clear to most people though is why bother with it at all? What’s wrong with conventional deodorants that are readily available in Read More


How To Whiten Teeth At Home In 3 Minutes – SIMPLE

Looking for natural ways to whiten your teeth? It’s not as difficult as you think and all you need are a few ingredients that you probably already have in the kitchen — lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda. If you’re not too keen about spending your hard-earned money on professional teeth whitening treatments then you Read More


Enema – A Cleansing Treatment

Enema is a process in which any kind of liquid mostly non-hazardous is administered in your system through your backside also known as the anus. The other name for enema is lower gastrointestinal series. It is termed as an alternative therapy which cleanses your body from toxins. Enema started off as a medical treatment but Read More


Greatness on a Cup of Green Tea

For beginners, all tea originated from the exact same botanical source which is camellia sinesis, however the distinction is on the processing of the tea leaves, offering each and every kind of tea its unique scent, taste as well as color, as well as its homes. Green tea is steamed and dried therefore keeping its Read More